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San Dieguito Water District has temporarily closed its public counter and lobby to ensure the safety of our employees and residents. Customers can access their water account information and make payments by logging in to our Customer Self Service portal.  Staff continues to be available for customer service via email at [email protected] or over the phone at 760-633-2650.  While we will continue to read meters and process bills at this time, SDWD will not be issuing late fees or discontinuing water service for non-payment until further notice.

San Dieguito Water District staff is continuing to monitor water quality and provide safe drinking water to our customers. For more information on water quality and treatment please refer to the San Diego County Water Authority and the State Water Resources Control Board.

State Water Efficiency Laws

News media reports have provided inaccurate information regarding water use targets set by Senate Bill 606 (Hertzberg) and Assembly Bill 1668 (Friedman). Neither bill sets fines on water customers for taking a shower and doing laundry on the same day.
Click here to get the facts on the long-term water efficiency legislation that was signed into effect May 2018.


New Water Rates and Charges Effective May 1, 2019

On April 17, 2019, the San Dieguito Water District Board of Directors approved adjustments to water rates and service charges. A 6.5% increase to the District's potable water rates, meter service charges, and fire meter service charges became effective on May 1, 2019.  The new water rates and charges can be found here.

A Water Rate Study detailing the new rates and charges can be found here.

How to Read your New Water Bill

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How to Check for a Leak and Turn Your Water Off

Alert! Be Aware of Potential Scam Artists

Incidents of customers receiving phone calls demanding payment for water bills have come to our attention. Please be aware that SDWD does not call customers and demand payment over the phone by asking for a credit card number. Additionally, SDWD employees will not request to enter your home for any reason. Should this happen, contact the Sheriff's Department immediately.

Some customers have received sales calls for water filtration systems with the claim that we have some of the worst water in the nation. Our water meets or exceeds all federally regulated guidelines for water quality.  For more information on water quality please visit our Maintenance and Operations page.

General District Information

The San Dieguito Water District provides potable (drinking) and recycled water to over 37,000 citizens in the communities of Leucadia, Old Encinitas, Cardiff, and portions of New Encinitas. The remainder of the City is served by the Olivenhain Municipal Water District. The San Dieguito Water District is a subsidiary district of the City of Encinitas. The City Council also serves as the Board of Directors of the District.

For potable water, the District receives local runoff water from Lake Hodges and imported raw water from the San Diego County Water Authority. Both sources are treated at the R.E. Badger Filtration Plant located in Rancho Santa Fe. The plant is jointly owned with the Santa Fe Irrigation District. Treated water from the San Diego County Water Authority can also be delivered directly to the District.

Recycled water became available within the District in August of 2000. The source of the recycled water is tertiary treated wastewater from the San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility located off of Manchester Avenue, just west of Interstate 5. Currently recycled water is used for the Encinitas Ranch Golf Course, landscaped traffic medians, homeowner association common areas, and parks.


The District consists of the following divisions: 

Customer Service and Billing
Is responsible for the timely and accurate billing of over 11,800 service connections in the District, while providing exceptional customer service to each and every one of our customers. 

Water Conservation
Administers education, outreach, and incentive programs for our customers to help the District reduce water consumption in an effort to meet the statewide goal of a 20% reduction in consumption by the year 2020. 

Engineering and Planning
Is responsible for administering new water development projects, capital improvement projects, and the recycled water program. 

Maintenance and Operations
Is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repairs of all aspects of the water distribution system. 

Administration and Finance
Is responsible for the general administration, financial management, and support of the day-to-day operations of the District.

The Real Value of Water

The San Dieguito Water District is committed to delivering safe and reliable water to our customers. By partnering with the Santa Fe Irrigation District on the R.E. Badger Water Filtration Plant, we are able to blend our local water supply from Lake Hodges with imported water from the San Diego County Water Authority, keeping our supply reliability high and our costs low. District customers pay less than a penny for a gallon of water! For a quick overview of how the San Diego County Water Authority keeps the regional supply flowing, watch their video on the value of water: