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Please report storm drain pollution and over-irrigation runoff to:

Clean Water Program Hotline: (760) 633-2787
Email: [email protected]
Monday - Thursday (7:30AM - 5:30PM)
Open Friday: (7:30AM - 4:30PM)  Closed alternate Fridays

After-Hours Reporting Hotline: (760) 633-2922

Through the development and implementation of comprehensive stormwater pollution prevention activities, the City of Encinitas Clean Water Program serves to protect and enhance the quality of local surface waters including our creeks, lagoons, and beaches along the Pacific Ocean. 

storm drain that reads NO DUMPING - DRAINS TO OCEAN

Pollution in our waterways can come from car fluids, fertilizers, home car washing, over-irrigation runoff, pet waste, pesticides, littering/trash, and illegal dumping, all of which can cause problems downstream as urban runoff.  Over-irrigation runoff can contribute to this problem as it carries these pollutants downstream and into the untreated storm drain system.  We can all help protect our environment and our waterways by using simple BMP's (BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES) that prevent pollution from entering our storm drains and eventually our waterways. 

To learn more about stormwater rules and regulations, please check out our other Clean Water pages, send an email to [email protected]
or call the hotline (760) 633-2787 to speak with us!