The Urban Forest Advisory Committee (UFAC) is composed of members of the community with interest and expertise in urban forestry.  This group advises and works together with the City Arborist to review and provide comments on City plans and policies related to urban forestry, including updates to the various aspects of the City’s Urban Forest Management Program and Administrative Manual, and, other things such as:

  1. Review and provide comments on Tree Plans prior to consideration by the City Council.
  2. Review and provide comments on the Approved Tree Species Master List prior to consideration by the City Council.
  3. Review and provide comments to the City Arborist on proposed City Tree removals except in the case of emergency removals.
  4. Advise City Staff regarding programs of public outreach and education in order to promote public understanding of the City’s urban forest, including programs to celebrate and promote Arbor Day.
  5. Review and consider Heritage Tree applications in consultation with the City Arborist, and shall make recommendations to the Planning Commission.
  6. Review and provide comments to the City Arborist on proposed changes to the City’s Urban Forest Management Program.

The UFAC meetings will be open to the public, and will convene no less frequently than quarterly.
For more information on the Urban Forest Management Program: /Government/Departments/Public-Works/Field-Operations/Urban-Forest-Management-Program
Committee Contact: Chris Kallstrand, City Arborist 


The Street Maintenance Section of Public Works proactively cares for the City of Encinitas' right- of- way trees using standards set forth by the International Society of Arboriculture.  The Street Maintenance Section provides tree care and maintenance for City owned trees in the right -of- way including routine trimming, planting and removal of dead and diseased trees.  Tree trimming is performed to maintain shape, remove dead or diseased limbs and remove potential hazards to pedestrians, cyclists, vehicular traffic, buses and emergency vehicles.  The Street Maintenance Section organizes, plans and oversees the annual contractual tree maintenance program.  Please check out our Tree Tracker Application to see if a tree is City owned or privately owned,  view a tree's species type, and the scheduled maintenance of a tree.
Encinitas Tree Tracker App

Learn all about city-maintained trees with this interactive map, which includes everything from pruning schedules to species specifics.